Meet Us


Dagmar Lohnes, Owner & Designer

Meet our handbag making team (our women workers did not want to be displayed)


HASIBULLAH - MASTER TAILOR     Prior to working for Pamir Fashion, the 35-year old Hasib had his own tailoring shop in Kabul for 10 years where he produced mostly military gear ranging from uniforms to weapons accessories. He has 20 years of tailoring experience, including training in Pakistan for 10 years.

MANSOOM - TAILOR     Mansoom has lived in Pakistan since he was 15 years old and trained there as a tailor in his father's shop. Upon his return to Kabul 10 years ago he has been making leather jackets in a friend's workshop. He has worked for Pamir Fashion for 1 year and is a main bread-winner for his family.


PARVES - TAILOR    Parves, too, has lived in Pakistan for most of his teenage years and learned how to tailor in Peshawar as a refugee from the Afghan wars. He is father of one boy and a girl and has worked for Pamir Fashion for 2 years.