1. All our products are hand-made. This means that - while we are at pains to reproduce each model in the exact same manner - each item is unique and may have small, minor variances.
  2. Due to the handicraft nature of some of our inputs, i.e. nomad embroidery purchased from the villages, and the limited amount of supplies available of the exact same material, only one batch of design may be available at any one time. Subsequently the same design may have variances in some details.
  3. Shipping: we are shipping all our goods via air or sea transport through Pakistan, sometimes via military mail. Military flights have regular departures out of the respective bases and are being maintained during and beyond the military draw-down. Trucks are leaving from Kabul to Pakistan on a regular basis. However, the occasional delays occur due to political or other circumstances and Pamir Fashion can not take responsibility for any inconveniences suffered. We therefore recommend to our retail clients to place orders at least 1 month in advance before it is needed in-store.
  4. For bulk- and wholesale orders we are at pains to fulfill each order within the time-frame agreed to with the client. However, we seek our clients' understanding that Afghanistan and Pakistan is a difficult business environment and interruptions of various nature may delay originally promised production and shipping deadlines. Pamir Fashion can not take responsibility for inconveniences or damages suffered by these unforeseen delays.
  5. Refund: our products leave our facility only after they pass quality inspections; due to comparatively tedious transit from Afghanistan which involves several customs and other inspections on the way we can not take responsibility and provide refund if products reach the customer with faults / damages.