Scarves with Afghan contemporary art

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Our scarves are completely unique in the world!
Edge-to-edge imprinted with licensed artwork of the Afghan painter and social activist HAMDULLAH ARBAB.

Hamdullah has exhibited his paintings in international locales such as Canada and Germany among others in collaboration with Kabul Art Project, a German-managed initiative to promote and support local Afghan artists.
Hamdullah now lives in Afghanistan after spending almost 25 years as a refugee in Peshawar. Aside from being an accomplished artist he holds a law and social science degree and calls himself a social activist, speaking up for women's rights, girls' education, a culture of tolerance and coexistence, volunteerism, respect for diversity, as well as the anti-toy-gun campaign launched by the Afghan government.
His other passion is promoting genuine Afghan culture and peace for his country. "I believe that in Afghanistan, where imposed violence has somehow become part of our culture, art can be the most pacifist and non-violent approach in addressing the issues of violence and social ills" he says.
Hamdullah  is also the founding member of Daughter Movement, a volunteer organisation advocating women's rights. As a father of five daughters and two sons, he feels that social change starts with oneself and from within the family.
His art work aims at breaking stereotypes about Afghanistan and the Afghans. "The way I dress is not a coincidence as I deliberately wear traditional dress yet paint and exhibit my work locally and abroad with the intention to let the rest of the wold know that we are a peace loving people. I strive for peace through art" he explains.
Learn more about Hamdullah Arbab here.